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Saturday Road Ride

Park: Town Hall parking lot or parking lot across from DC Admin building
Start: Lost Coffee, 390 Perry St, Downtown Castle Rock
When: Saturdays  |  Meet 9:00am, Wheels down 9:30am
Level: Medium – Advanced  |  Open to experienced riders
Routes: A: 41.5mi / 2,456ft climbing   B: 29.5mi / 1,676ft climbing

Get out of those cozy slippers and kickstart your goals with the 6202 Saturday club ride. The ride is aimed at road riders with a variety of skill levels looking for a challenging, no-drop ride. The mileage varies between 30 and 42 miles with 1,700-2,500 feet of climbing to be expected. If you would like to join a Saturday ride, but wish for a journey different from those listed here (similar, shorter, or longer route), we are happy to assist. Reach out to us about scheduling an alternative C route.

The A-Group route includes a corner-store stop around the 20 mile mark where you can purchase refreshments and energy foods (Pro tip: Bring cash; it’s a $5 minimum for all card transactions). For all other routes, plan for your fluids and energy needs to be self-supported. The ride starts at a comfortable pace for a warm up. After about 10 miles, the groups split into A, B, and sometimes C. At that point the rides finish per the description below.

Click here to view the maps for these routes.

NEW FOR 2017  //  Saturday MTB Ride

Start: Miller Activity Center, 1375 W Plum Creek Pkwy, Castle Rock, CO 80109
When: Saturdays  |  Meet 8:45 am, Wheels down 9:00 am
Level: Beginner – Medium – Advanced  |  Open to all MTB riders
Routes:  MAC trails and Ridgeline Open Space Trails

New for 2017 we will be hosting a weekly mountain bike (MTB) ride which will feature the MAC and Ridgeline Open Space trails.  The ride is aimed at MTB riders with a variety of skill levels looking for a challenging, no-drop ride. The mileage varies and will be based on the riders that show up.

The longest ride, The FULL MEADOWS JACKET, will reach almost 18 miles when connecting the MAC with Ridgeline trails together.

If you are a beginner MTB rider, please feel free come join us as we will have folks on hand to help coach you through the trails and provide you with various tips to make your riding experience a blast.

As the summer progresses this ride will also take it “on the road” and will travel to some local trails to offer some variety and to encourage you to try some new trails.

Sunday Ride or Special Destination Ride

When: Sunday  |  Varies – See calendar
Level: Open to all riders
 Unique route varies – See calendar, news and Facebook
Meet: Lost Coffee, 3980 Limelight Ave, Castle Rock, CO 80109

Sundays are reserved for unique rides that change from week to week. It all starts by grabbing a hot beverage at our local coffee shop (and carpooling to our start destination if necessary). Rides vary from a stroll down the Cherry Creek Trail, shredding dirt rides over single track, or hunting down epic climbs in the front range.

Keep an eye on our news feed, ride calendar (above), or on our Facebook page for the latest route planned for this ride. If you would like to suggest a ride please contact us.

NEW FOR 2017  //  Tuesday Night Hammer Crit

When: Tuesdays  |  6:00 pm
Level: Intermediate – Advanced
Route: Loop Road
Meet: Rhyolite Park parking lot  |  5:45 pm
Ride Leader: Bo Kristensen

Tuesday nights are reserved for short, intense, fast-paced sprints and pack pushing crit riding. And points. Yeah, there are points. The ride starts with a meet point of the parking lot of Rhyolite Park. From there, wheels will roll out at 6:00 pm.

The Rules

  1. Show up when you want, but you will maximize your points if you start with the group at 6:00 pm.
  2. The first lap is neutral. No sprints and an easy pace set by a ride leader. Milestones will be pointed out on this lap and already segmented on Strava.
  3. The crit rides clockwise.
  4. Stay in the right lane as much as possible to avoid causing any disturbance to motorists.
  5. The ride is 6pm-7pm. If you cross the lane and it is after 6:50pm, the next lap is your last lap

How Points Work

  1. One point for every lap you complete between 6-7 p.m.
  2. Five to one points awarded for first through fifth place at the KOM and the finish on each lap. First gets five, second gets four, etc.
  3. Keep track of your own points.
  4. There is a weekly winner and an overall winner each month. Come early and often to keep up your points race.

Meridian Loop

When: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Level: Advanced  |  Race pace
Route: 3 mile loop, criterium style ride
Where: Meridian Blvd

NOTE: this is not a 6202-only ride. It is an open invitation to all riders in the area and there is no assigned ride leader from our club.

This ride is focused on intense, and race pace riding. This is NOT for the beginner You must be comfortable riding in close, tight peloton style riding. Bike skills and fitness are key for success.

Riders ride in peloton / group at fast drop or get dropped pace. If you get dropped, no worries, soft pedal or wait for the group to come back around and catch on. Ride goes for 1-hour and covers as many miles as one can get in the hour.

The ride starts with Daylight savings time every year and goes strong the remainder of the racing season, tapering off sometime in the late summer of fall. It meets at the Meridian office park development at 6pm and races in crazy circles for approximately one hour until 7pm.


COMING FALL 2017  //  Thursday Night Cyclocross

When: Thursday  |  6pm – 7:00pm
Level: Open to novice & experienced riders
Route: Rhyolite Cyclocross Course
Meet: Rhyolite Park, 1701 Crystal Valley Pkwy, Castle Rock, CO 80104

This ride is focused on short, intense, and fast paced riding around a dirt track with obstacles. Bring your adrenaline and shred with a cross or mountain bike without road traffic. Bring the kids along as Rhyolite Park has an outstanding playground, swings and turf field that are visible from the entire CX course.  The kids can keep an eye on you or visa versa.

If you try it, you’ll like it!

NOTE: All riders are required to sign a waiver for insurance purposes. All routes ride along open, public roads, so riders must be comfortable riding with traffic and in a large group. If you have not participated in a group ride before, that’s okay! Reach out to a ride leader before the ride starts and let them know. They will be happy to give you a quick walk through to help make your experience fun and safe. Be prepared to handle flats and any mechanicals. Members are always willing to lend a helpful hand if something arises during a ride. Be familiar with the rules of the road.

Castle Rock Road Rides
DescriptionDistanceOnline Map
Saturday Standard Ride – Palmer Lake Extension55 mi.Map
Saturday Standard Ride – 40 Mile40 mi.Map
Tuesday Hammer Crit3.4 mi. loops x 1 hourMap
Front Range Road Rides
DescriptionDistanceOnline Map
Road Destination: Lookout Mountain49.4 mi, 3520ft elevation gainPreview page
Road Destination: Rist Canyon54.5 mi, 5326ft elevation gainPreview page
MTB Destination: Falcon Trail14.7 mi, 1,568ft elevation gainPreview page
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