Club Calendar

Weekly Rides

Tuesdays // Breakfast Club training ride

When: Wheels down at 5:00 am
Level: Open to riders of all sizes and ages
Route: Varies
Meet: First Bank parking lot, Plum Creek & Wilcox, Castle Rock  View map

Build your fitness and log extra miles all before starting your workday. There are no ride leaders or routes preplanned. The riders that show decide on the route that they want to do. Some riders are out and back in an hour and a half. Others will use this as a kick start to a bigger day in the saddle. Meet the group and ride for as long as you want.

Wednesdays // Family & Social Cruise

When: Wheels down at 6 pm
Level: Open to riders or all sizes and ages
Route: Plum Creek Nature Trail
Meet: Festival Park, 2nd Street, Castle Rock  View Map

Bring the family, any new riders, or just enjoy a nice recovery ride while avoiding vehicle traffic on the bike path with the club. Any bike and riders of all ages are all welcome.

Thursdays (Sep 2019)  //  Cyclocross

When: Wheels down at 6 pm
Level: Open to novice & experienced riders
Route: Rhyolite Cyclocross Course
Meet: Rhyolite Park, 1701 Crystal Valley Pkwy, Castle Rock, CO 80104

This ride is focused on short, intense, and fast paced riding around a dirt track with obstacles. Bring your adrenaline and shred with a cross or mountain bike without road traffic. Bring the kids along as Rhyolite Park has an outstanding playground, swings and turf field that are visible from the entire CX course.  The kids can keep an eye on you or visa versa.

If you try it, you’ll like it!

Saturdays // Road Ride

When: Wheels down at 8:00 am
Level: Medium – Advanced
Route: Varies; See examples below
Meet: Briccy’s Coffee, South Wilcox C, Castle Rock  View map

This ride is aimed at road riders with a variety of skill levels looking for a challenging, no-drop ride. The mileage varies based on the route chosen for that day. Join our 6202cc Strava group to RSVP for the ride and get the routes ahead of time.

We offer points during the standard route where cyclists can cut the ride short or push for extra miles. If you plan to stray from the route, voice your plans with the ride leader so we don’t think something happened to you. We find there are sometimes a few other riders that want to join you.

Saturday routes

Note: Some routes show additional mileage and elevation on Strava due to a mapping issue 

Coffee ride to Monk & Mongoose
43mi / 3,000ft   View Route

Coffee ride to Fika
47mi / 4,000ft   View Route

Pinery 50
50 mi / 3,600ft   View Route

Russellville 50
53mi / 3,600ft   View Route

Daniel’s Lasso & Starbucks
43mi / 3,400ft   View Route

Coffee ride to Starbucks on Meridian
44mi / 3,300ft   View Route

Coffee ride to Lamar’s Donuts & Coffee
36mi / 3,300ft   View Route

Kidneys ride of Bell Mt & Keene Ranch
36mi / 2,250 ft   View Route

Mountain Rides

When: Varies – See calendar
Level: Open to all mountain riders | Beginner – Advanced
Routes: MAC, Ridgeline, or both combined
Meet: Bison Park

This single track ride features the MAC and Ridgeline Open Space trails. The ride is aimed at MTB riders with a variety of skill levels looking for a challenging, no-drop ride. The mileage varies and will be based on the riders that show up.

The longest ride, The FULL MEADOWS JACKET, will reach almost 18 miles when connecting the MAC with Ridgeline trails together.

If you are a beginner MTB rider, please feel free come join us as we will have folks on hand to help coach you through the trails and provide you with various tips to make your riding experience a blast.

View the MAC trail system

Phillp S. Miller Park / Miller Activity Center (MAC)

6.7mi / 577ft   View Map

View the Ridgeline trail system

Ridgeline Open Space

9.9mi / 1,017ft   View Map

Destination Rides

When: Varies – See calendar
Level: Open to all riders
Route & Meet:
Varies – View calendar and RSVP on Strava

Destination rides are self supported rides that leave from a location outside of Castle Rock. These rides vary from a stroll down the Cherry Creek Trail, shredding dirt rides over single track, or hunting down epic climbs in the front range. We have posted these well in advance as events on our Strava Club page so that you can RSVP and view the route ahead of time.

NOTE: All riders are required to sign a waiver for insurance purposes. All routes ride along open, public roads, so riders must be comfortable riding with traffic and in a large group. If you have not participated in a group ride before, that’s okay! Reach out to a ride leader before the ride starts and let them know. They will be happy to give you a quick walk through to help make your experience fun and safe. Be prepared to handle flats and any mechanicals. Members are always willing to lend a helpful hand if something arises during a ride. Be familiar with the rules of the road.

Strava Route Maps

Do you have a great idea for a cycling route in Colorado that you want to ride with the club?

Castle Rock Road Rides

RouteDistance / Elevation GainOnline Map
Bear Dance – 5051.5 mi. / 3,460 ft.View map
Bear Dance – 4040.9 mi. / 2,721 ft.View map
Bear Dance – 40 (Wolfensberger Alternate)42.4 mi. / 2,964 ftView map
Bear Dance – 2524.3 mi. / 1,195 ft.View map
Keene Ranch Loop40.4 mi. / 1,490 ft.View map
Pinery – Long50.4 mi. / 3,539 ft.View map
Pinery – Regular37.4 mi. / 2,772 ft.View map
Russellville Loop – Long47.5 mi. / 3,124 ft.View map
Russellville Loop – Regular38.6 mi. / 2,436 ft.View map
Russellville Loop – Short22.33 mi. / 1,567 ft.View map
Loop Road Crit3.4 mi. / 321 ft.View map
Lake to Loop recovery20.47 mi. / 1,336 ft.View map

Castle Rock Gravel Rides

RouteDistance / Elevation GainOnline Map
Castlewood Canyon37.7 mi. / 2,364 ft.View map

Castle Rock Mountain Rides

RouteDistance / Elevation GainOnline Map
Ridgeline Open Space9.9 mi. / 1,017 ft.View map
Phillp S. Miller Park / Miller Activity Center (MAC)6.7 mi. / 577 ft.View map
Race the MAC: 20165.39 mi. / 328 ft.View Map

Front Range Road and Mountain Desination Rides

RouteDistance / Elevation GainOnline Map
Road: Lookout Mountain49.4 mi. / 3520 ft.Destination Ride Page
Road: Rist Canyon54.5 mi. / 5326 ft.Destination Ride Page
Road: Squaw Pass, Floyd Hill43.18 mi. / 5,032 ft.View Map
MTB: Falcon Trail14.7 mi. / 1,568 ft. Destination Ride Page
MTB: Golden Tables27.1 mi. / 2,668 ft.Destination Ride Page