This route is a total blast. The tables are located in the heart of Golden, Colorado and surrounded by neighborhoods, restaurants, and shops. The trailheads are easily accessible by car, but we have created a scenic route with plenty of parking and stitches together the North and South tables all into one, safe ride. Getting up and down the sides of the tables, there are technical climbs, descents, and the occasional rock gardens; however, the rest of the route is relatively painless. The tops are filled with smooth, long loops and multiple intersections that make for fast and fun riding.

What bike should you bring? You’ll want a mountain bike getting up and down. You’ll want a CX to whip around the top. You’ll have some decisions to make.

What to expect

The meet point is located next to a park with portable restrooms, plenty of shade, and an abundance of parking spots. From there, the commute to the North Table trailhead is a bike path through the local neighborhoods with a little bit of climbing to get the legs warmed up.

Once you get to the trailhead, the light single track quickly concedes to the hardest climb on the trail: a half-mile 19% rocket launch incline of loose gravel to the top of the North Table. Aside from issues the challenge with grip, there are no technical issues to consider which makes it more favorable than going up the other side of the table.

After this beast is out of the way, there are a couple rock gardens, but it mostly a fun amount of fast, single track that shows off some amazing views of Golden. Descending the North Table and commuting to the South Table is relatively uneventful. The trailhead pops up in the middle of a Hollywood Hills-style neighborhood and gets technical quickly. Once on top, the crushed gravel trails are smooth and fast and makes for the most fun of the ride.

The descent into town will get you back to the start just in time to grab lunch at one of the many restaurants downtown.

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