Voting is now closed and winners have been announced. Congrats to Jared, Bo, and Bruce!

1. Most Improved Rider

“Impressed by his improvement over past years, rides mtn, gravel, road. Strong rider who help lead rides.”

“Jared has overcome many health challenges and improved his performance on the bike. He keeps getting stronger and stronger.”

“Jared has been battling health issues for years. When you add in being a husband and full-time father of two, the free time for riding a bicycle really is minimal. Over the last year or so, Jared cut wheat and dairy from his diet and started managing his intake. This paired with continuously hauling two growing kids in his trailer and slogging miles all year around, led to a 60-pound weight loss and drastically improved performance on the bike. The biggest payoff for him and his family is the extended lifespan he has earned and a cut in trips to the physician’s office.”

“Gina made big improvements this year.”

“Press was always a strong rider, but he really changed this year by dropping weight and bringing the hammer.”

“Craig really improved this year.”

2. Biggest Contributor to the Club

“Bo does it all. Designer, website administrator, board member, ride leader, photographer. I think the club really benefits from his contributions.”

“Ride leader, web site, jersey designs, just cool.”

“Both Bo and Steve have been to about every club ride I’ve been able to attend this year. They both certainly spend a lot of time contributing to club activities and have always made me feel welcome. Both deserve to be considered for this award.”

“For taking the initiative and getting a regular club MTB ride on the calendar and keeping it going.”

“It is easy to find someone to ride with. It’s difficult to find someone that is willing to take the steps necessary that members of 6202 always have someone to ride with and a club to belong to. Steve is a friendly face that is on that routine club ride. He’ll show up to your race just to give you a high-five at the end. He’s running support for the club at an event even when he’s unable to ride. He’s hosting club meetings at his house and plays a strong presence at every occurrence outside of it. As a long-standing board member, he aligned our newly established web interface with existing data, worked personally with members to ensure memberships were renewed with minimal headaches and regularly updates our partners ensuring our members get the care they deserve. Speaking of partners, Steve Machac is the only club member to step up and sponsor the club. Not only that, he does it at the top tier level, personally ensuring that our club can offer the promos, parties, and affordable fees that it does.”

“Both Bo and Steve have been to about every club ride I’ve been able to attend this year. They both certainly spend a lot of time contributing to club activities and have always made me feel welcome. Both deserve to be considered for this award.”

“Todd has been a great ride leader. He doubles back to check on other riders. He proposes route changes when there are traffic hazards. He really stepped up to the plate this season and will be missed.”

“Todd stepped up to help lead the Saturday club rides and did an awesome job. He has been very active in the club and has become a good friend to many of us.”

“During a Saturday 6202 ride Heidi stopped to help a crashed cyclist.  She stopped although there were other people to help him.  As a professional nurse she was able to give best care and help.  By this she also represented the club best and showed that we help when needed.  This is sure a big contribution to the club and great example.”

3. Best Overall Rider

“Most dedicated, most miles, he’s old”

“Jared really loves riding his bikes, and riding them all year-round. He rides his fat bike in the winter. He keeps up on the club rides on his Fargo, and really crushes it on his Moots. He takes his kids everywhere in a bike trailer. He even sprinkles a mountain bike ride in occasionally. Jared really exemplifies someone who loves riding.”

“Bo’s been at most of the hammer, road, mtn and cyclocross rides I’ve been to this year and he does them all equally as well. Pretty cool.”

“Gina Mavor is, pound-for-pound, the best overall rider in our club. Performance wise, she can pretty much smoke most of the club when the asphalt is at any angle. She is flying the green and grey on most of the club rides, showing up more than most members; it is rare that she can’t make it out on a Saturday. This dedication is a huge deal. If you aren’t on club rides, can you be the best in the club? She offers ideas, then steps up to take them on. When she planned the 4th of July ride, she hosted as the ride lead with flag schwag for all and cupcakes at the end. Most importantly, she’s the first one to greet you and welcoming new riders, a lightning bolt when in the drops all while having a blast, and is a great example of what a 6202 member should be.”

“Gina has been a consistently strong rider for the year she has been with our club. As the only girl consistently showing up for regular club rides, she keeps up and often times leaves the boys behind. Although she is fast on the bike, I’ve watched her many times ride with the last of the pack to ensure nobody gets left behind.”

“Craig always charges hard at the front and nabs trophies and KOM’s like they are going out of style. He shows up on rides when its cold….does centuries on the trainer in the winter when the rest of us are sitting in sweat pants watching Netflix.”

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