Award Nominations

Every year, we like to recognize stand-outs within 6202 Cycling Club to give them the recognition they deserve. Nominate 6202 members to be rewarded for all their hard work. Fill out the form below for any categories that you would like to nominate for.

  • The same person cannot be nominated for more than one category.
  • The person submitting these nominations must be a current member.
  • The winning nominees must have been valid members from Jan 1 to Oct 10, 2017.

The cutoff date for nominations is October 10, 2017.

Most Improved Rider

The most improved rider doesn’t have to be the best rider. They don’t have to at one point been a poor performer. This could be a rider who’s technique in the dirt has dropped minutes off their lap time. This could be a rider that struggled to keep up on a particular ride that now is keeping pace. Maybe the recovery from an injury has been the focal point for the rider this year. It could be a rider that went from social rides to competing in races.

Biggest Contributor to the Club

The biggest contributor to the club could be the person leading your favorite ride. Maybe it’s the one volunteering to stay back with a struggling rider on a tough day. It could be the person you can count on showing up on a scheduled ride. Or maybe it’s the person that have been out recruiting friends or associates to join the club. It could also be the rider volunteering their time off the bike to ensure the cogs in the club keep on turning and the chain stays oiled up.

Best Over-All Rider

Is there someone that is constantly pushing cyclists to be better by setting that example? Have you seen a rider take the podium flying the green and grey? If there is a member of the club that regularly inspires you to get out of the saddle and mash the pedals of your steed, then they very well could be the best overall rider for 6202 Cycling. This person ideally joins the club on rides often, contributing to club events, helping new riders while pushing the veterans, and making it a joy to be in the 6202 Cycling Club.

Your Nomination

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