As most of you know construction on I-25 south has caused various traffic issues.  Of most importance to our Club is the increased traffic on the Frontage road from Plum Creek to Tomah Road.

The following has been implemented:
1. Speed Limit will be reduced to 45 mph on both east and west frontage roads.
2. Unfortunately, cycling is not permitted on the West Frontage road while under construction.
3. ‘Share the Road’ with cyclists, ‘Do Not Pass.’ and work zone signs were added
4. Rumble strips have been added along the frontage road
5. Double Yellow centerlines were painted

Increased law enforcement presence will be on both frontage roads in the coming weeks.

We have been in discussion with both CRPD and State Patrol to discuss our concerns as a club and have been reassured that increase measures will be taken should there be incidents involving motorists and cyclists.

What does this mean?

The eastside / MedVed of frontage road is the only means to the south of town due to the wide shoulder and now increased safety measures.

If you have an incident involving a motorist, please try and obtain the following:
Make / model of vehicle
License plate number
Description of driver/operator of the vehicle

Please DO NOT take matters into your own hands if at all possible.

If you have any other issues or concerns contact us.

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