In December, we were pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Best of 6202 award winners. Of all the amazing nominees, Jared Kaber (left) won Most Improved Rider, Bo Kristensen (center) won Biggest Contributing Rider, and Bruce Breth (right) won Best Overall rider.

Each member was given a framed commemorative award along with personalized award club jerseys. Congratulations guys!

Most Improved

Jared Kaber

“Jared has overcome many health challenges and improved his performance on the bike. He keeps getting stronger and stronger.”

“Jared has been battling health issues for years. When you add in being a husband and full-time father of two, the free time for riding a bicycle really is minimal. Over the last year or so, Jared cut wheat and dairy from his diet and started managing his intake. This paired with continuously hauling two growing kids in his trailer and slogging miles all year around, led to a 60-pound weight loss and drastically improved performance on the bike. The biggest payoff for him and his family is the extended lifespan he has earned and a cut in trips to the physician’s office.”

Also nominated: Jeff Fogg, Gina Mavor, Press McCance, and Craig Yenni

Biggest Contribution

Bo Kristensen

“Bo does it all. Designer, website administrator, board member, ride leader, photographer. I think the club really benefits from his contributions.”

“Ride leader, web site, jersey designs, just cool.”

“Both Bo and Steve have been to about every club ride I’ve been able to attend this year. They both certainly spend a lot of time contributing to club activities and have always made me feel welcome. Both deserve to be considered for this award.”

Also nominated: Michael Linde, Steve Machac, Todd Rabourn, and Heidi Simon

Best Overall

Bruce Breth

“Most dedicated, most miles, he’s old”

Also nominated: Jared Kaber, Bo Kristensen, Gina Mavor, and Craig Yenni

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